Cowgirl Must-Haves

Are you a true country girl? Do you love hopping on your house and exploring the outdoors? Cowgirls are strong, powerful women who need a wardrobe that’s just as strong. You might be able to wear high-heel shoes and leggings during a night out, but that won’t cut it for your day-to-day wear. Here are the must-haves for any cowgirl’s wardrobe.


Cowboy boots were specifically designed for people riding horses. They have rounded or pointed tips that fit easily into stirrups, and they don’t have any laces that could get caught up on something. When choosing¬†boots for your collection, it’s thought that you should focus on 3 different pairs.

For the first pair, choose something that you can wear every day. These will be the ones you wear while you work, so you want to buy a well-made pair of boots. They will face some heavy use, so you want them to be comfortable and made with high-quality genuine leather. Your second pair should be fancier, yet still practical, for going to church or on dates. Your third pair should be something in between your first two, where you don’t need a work boot, but you also don’t need a fancy one.


Cowgirl belt buckles not only serve to hold your pants up, but they also say a lot about you. They allow you to introduce yourself without having to say a word. It could feature your favorite pastimes such as fishing or hunting or even serve as a trophy that you won. Some cowgirls even wear buckles that have their name on them. Often, when a young man or woman is about to start their own rodeo career, one of their parents will pass down a buckle for them to use. Whatever you choose, pick one that shows your personality the best.


Jeans are a must-have for any cowgirl. Plus, you need a pair of pants to wear your buckle with! Jeans are popular with cowgirls because they are sturdy and can hold up to a lot of wear and tear. If you want to focus on being more fashionable, choose a skinny jean cut that you can tuck into your boot for a more stylish fit. If you’re more focused on functionality, a boot cut pair of jeans will serve you just fine.

If you favor jeans that have been acid washed, know that they will likely wear out quicker than ones with less of a wash on them. It’s important to know which jeans you can wear during specific activities, so you aren’t left high and dry with nothing to wear.

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