7 Unsolicited Tips to Guide Every Lady Shopping

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Regardless of the wedding venue and weather, every lady invited to such an event will strive to look their very best. This means wearing the sexiest dress and shoes to die for, literally. Ladies strive to outsmart each other and you will find that you or your friends will go for the most expensive pair of shoes they can find. Often, you will pick shoes that will be envied by all your friends but they will be wrong for you.

To help you be the envy of the party in the most comfortable shoes, read the following tips:

  1. Understand shoes

There is a whole fashion gallery and vocabulary of ladies’ heels. Understanding every type of heel available in the market will help you make the right choice. There are shoes that cannot be worn with every dress and vice versa. Your ultimate shoe should be fashionable in the sense that they will bring out the best of your outfit and accessories and your feet.

Decide whether you will wear pumps, stilettos, platforms peep toes, chunky heels, ankle straps, sling backs, wedges or cones.

  1. Wear the right fit

It doesn’t matter how classy or how the shoes are to die for, they must fit perfectly. High heels with a narrow heel will prevent your feel from sliding forward. Eventually, you will be free of pain pressure and pain associated with ill-fitting shoes.

Wholesale heels are fairly priced but this shouldn’t be your only determining factor when buying shoes. Wrong shoes will cause bunions, corns and calluses. Therefore, you shouldn’t buy or wear heels that leave space on the sides. Use Expedia coupon code for a discount deal.

  1. Make cushions your companion

Your high heels may feel comfortable but since the material used to make that pair of heels is not like your skin, you should have some cushioning. Just like your car’s shock pads, metatarsal and full shoe inserts will absorb shock and protect your feet especially when you have to stand for extended periods of time. They are also perfect for relieving any pain you could be experiencing.

  1. Go for thicker heels

Stilettos are sexy and you have been drooling over them. However, thicker heels are stable. The thickness allows for evenness in weight distribution allowing more balance on your feet. Problems like Achilles tendon can be prevented by alternating heel height.

  1. Buy peep or open toe high heels

This doesn’t mean that you only buy open or peep toes. A pair or two of these will provide pressure relief on calluses and/or corns. The inflammation will go down.

  1. Consider the pitch

The pitch or the slope of the high heels should be considered at length. Heels with a gradual pitch are preferable as they conform with your foot’s contours and are easy on the arches. Pain and pressure on the balls of your feet will be reduced.

  1. Trial time

It is highly recommended that you try on new shoes at night or in the evening. Your feet are slightly swollen towards the end of the day and will help you get the right fit.

In conclusion, looking dashing at your friend’s wedding is your dream. Go for it. However, keep your comfort in mind especially when planning to wear stilettos and other high heels. Avoid purchasing shoes a day before the wedding or any other event. Match accessories, carry flat slip-ons and enjoy the party.

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