Building a Functional Wardrobe Without the Hassles

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Women who are searching for the type of clothing that can easily carry them from a corporate meeting to a formal evening of dinner, drinks and dancing will be pleased to learn that a little planning makes it possible to do so easily. By carefully selecting a wardrobe with several pieces that serve multiple functions, ladies can forget the days of driving home to change between the workday and the evening ahead.

Building Up From the Bottom Layer

The bottom layer of your work attire can be easily comprised solely of the item or items that will make up your evening wear; for example, a skirt paired with a shell can easily be covered with a jacket and appropriate shoes for the workday. Similarly, the Body Con from the ABS by Allen Schwartz dresses collection makes a fine piece of evening wear on its own, but can easily translate to the boardroom with a well-tailored blazer. The idea is to make the bottom layer of any outfit an item that can stand on its own merits.

Choosing Between Skirts and Blouses or Dresses

While opting for an evening gown as an initial layer of clothing to prepare an evening out is excellent in theory, the formal nature of such clothing may be difficult to play down enough to make it right for the office. When this occurs, choosing a nicely cut skirt, a silk blouse and a matching jacket will make it simple to shed the jacket, don a pair of heels and impress a whole new crowd once the workday is through.

Accessories, Makeup and Hair

One of the fastest ways to put accessories to work after leaving the office is to lose the blazer and replace with a sheer wrap; other women prefer to head to work with one or two classy pieces of jewelry, later exchanging them for something made for the nightlife. Create dramatic eye shadows quickly by leaving the stencil in place from the morning and improving the look after work. Similarly, select a muted lipstick color for the office and replace it with something bright, bold and sexy for an evening event. Finally, start out the workday with hair a simple bun; letting it down and brushing it out at the end of the day will create the great volume and gorgeous waves appropriate for formal evenings.

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