How To Look Perfect For A Night

1 “cautious Woman forearmed”.

You’ve spent several hours in front of the mirror to look great tonight. Do not let any details spoil your image, even the hours pass. The saying goes: “cautious woman forearmed”. Follow the advice, find the following steps to prevent any incidental catch you by surprise. Your bag will be the perfect place to store all the necessary things to get places

2 Opt for dark colors.

A good idea to look elegant and sexy is wearing a dress that lets see your legs. Make sure it’s comfortable, you should be able to move freely. If you do not go much this ‘look’ you can wear pants and a ‘top’ take some metallic or shiny detail to attention. Finally, add a bracelet, necklace and earrings. Supplements say a lot about you.

To avoid surprises look at the clothes you are going to get is clean and perfectly ironed. It is better to opt for dark colors. These tones best hide stains and sweat.

3 Powder for an intact makeup translucent.

Funds to your makeup, you have to put up all night intact. Apply a little concealer on dark circles and small redness of the skin and then using a base of the same tone of your skin. This will remain intact for hours.

Then center yourself in your eyes. Treat yourself to highlight them and use darker shades. Apply a shadow all over the upper eyelid with a suitable brush. You can be black, the most classic, but you can also dare with an electric blue, intense peach tone, metallic colors or brown. Then draw the lash line with a black pen or ‘eye liner’. Reattaches your makeup with one touch of translucent powder and apply mascara. It better be waterproof or ‘water proof’.

Mark your cheeks with a pink or peach color your lips. You can use a permanent lip, but have to be aware to moisturize your lips frequently.

4 Innova in your hair.

Do not cut: your hair looks differently. Try the hairstyle few days before to not seem strange, then when you look in a mirror. If you opt for a pickup or other elaborate hairstyle, I secure it well enough Hairspray before leaving home. The good news is that they sell tubes lacquer small format that can fit in your bag and use anytime.

5 A few drops of your favorite perfume.

The final touch to be radiant is to put some of your favorite perfume behind the ears, in the cleavage and on the back of your wrists. If it is strong enough with a few drops. Anyway, you can always carry a small sachet with you to use in case of emergency.

On the other hand, if after a drink or smoke a cigarette you want to freshen your breath making a mint. Chewing gum is not very elegant …

6 stockings and high heels essential.

The paint used to beautify your legs. Be careful if your dress is too tight, waist seams can be seen. In this case they choose stockings that reach the thigh. They have silicone and perfectly fit to the leg. They will not move from your site.

If wearing stockings run the risk of snagging something. To remedy this, take your nail lacquer portfolio transparent color. If a race is way you can prevent broken grow by applying a little of this product.

As for the shoes, choose a heel. They are stylistic and give you a flirty and feminine touch. Do not overdo with height. It is important that you are comfortable and that Lucas fluently. Otherwise, you look like a robot whenever you walk. You will also have a sore foot that will prevent you from enjoying your night out.Es.


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