Choosing the Coat Based On The Physique: Practical Guide


The coat is the must-have of this winter season, so it is forbidden not to have at least one in our wardrobe. If, like us, you are fashion addicted, we know well that the choice of the model will surely fall on one of those very trendy this year but, if you discover once you try that it does not fit you as you expected? We have the solution!


We know it will be difficult, but you may have to give up that beautiful pink teddy coat or that other blue trapeze coat. It will all depend on how your figure is.


The coat is the first thing visible in winter and can make us look thinner, fatter, taller, or shorter. Choosing the skin based on your body and height is the right move to enhance your strengths and always be perfect on any occasion. Enjoy party and best online pokies for real money with this outfit.


Let’s see together how to find the most suitable coat for your figure.


How to choose the right coat

In choosing the perfect coat, the general line should prefer a simple jacket with a medium length and a super warm fabric without too many frills.


For the coldest, the most crucial factor for choosing a coat is the fabric, so much so that sometimes you opt for super voluminous and colored fur. Let’s say that this garment is suitable only for slimmer bodies for women a little curvier on the other hand. Coats should be avoided.

How should flared coats be avoided for women with a very lean physique? To each body the model of her, let’s see together which the right ones are.


High or low, how to enhance your figure.

You know, heels always help to slim your silhouette but since we don’t always wear them, if you are short, you should opt for a coat that is not too long, maximum above the knee. If, in addition to being fast, you are also petite, the fit must be snug, almost as if it had been sewn on your body to enhance all shapes. Make you fit and play casinos online.


On the contrary, if you are a very tall woman, bet everything on a maxi coat, it does not need to touch the ground, but the longer, the better it will fit you. You are lucky enough to be the only one who can wear an extra long coat. Go proud.


Wide hips

If your goal is to camouflage the hips, flared coats are the perfect solution: they do not adhere to the hips and enhance small shoulders. Alternatively, you could opt for a dressing gown coat of those with a belt, but it is still essential that the lower part of the coat remains flared and soft and does not adhere.


Avoid coats with pockets on the sides and those with a padded effect.


Generous décolleté

If you are lucky enough to have large breasts, never choose turtleneck coats because they end up compressing the breasts and flattening them. Instead, opt for a coat with a plunging neckline that does not constrain your shapes: blazer coats or belted dressing gown coats are perfect.

To avoid: absolutely on all models, never buy a double-breasted coat.


Androgynous figure

What if, on the other hand, I have narrow hips and not very prosperous breasts? Do not worry. We have the solution for you too. Since your shapes may be a bit too angular, it is good to go for a rounded model that makes the figure softer: the egg model, very popular in the 60s, is perfect for creating curves where there are none.


To avoid: coats with shoulder pads

Rectangle physicist

The main objective is to enhance the waistline for a body that does not have many curves but is not precisely long-limbed. In this case, belted coats are perfect, giving your body the much-desired hourglass shape.


Avoid super tight coats.

We hope our indications can help you, but we would like to remember that they are only guidelines and the perfect coat, regardless of your body, is undoubtedly the one you feel most comfortable with!

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