You only need 3 pairs of jeans to go always perfect

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1. How many jeans have in your closet? You have the clear blue jeans for summer and dark blue for winter? Are they all skinny? Do you keep the jeans bell? Have you dared with boyfriend jeans? Do you have a print design? May be a pastel color? Today I present the definitive style advice for girls with little space and / or budget: always perfect enough to go 3 pairs of jeans. These are the essentials that can not miss in your closet.
1. Cowboys dark. They are super versatile garment, which you can get plenty of looks depending on the time of day and event you have. Combine them with a white shirt, blazer and booties for office look with printed cotton shirt (or sweater in winter) more sneakers for an afternoon of shopping or a top party and heels for any date night.


2. Comfortable jeans. Not only looks and cool parties working people live. We also traveled, we shop, go to movies, we barbecue or thought the field. For such occasions, it is essential that you have a pair of jeans that you find comfortable, you can take 24 hours seats. In a matter of convenience, there are no rules. Some prefer straight jeans, boyfriend jeans or much elastic. It’s up to you.

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3. The jeans that make you feel good. We all have preferred that we would want to last us forever and ever jeans. They can be expensive brand or cheap, but the fact is you know you feel good with sneakers and heels, and can combine with any outfit for the occasion. If you have not found it yet, I encourage you to forget the trends and look hard at your next outings of shopping as it is a basic in which not mind investing a little more of the account: I have it in closet always available is not paid with money.

Poppy Delavigne, Gween Stefani and Miranda Kerr with different outfits created around different models of jeans.

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