It’s All Showers For Reagan


So in another bold move for independence Reagan has decided that she is no longer into baths. She wants to take showers because showers are for big girls and baths are for babies according to the new two year old. I must say all these changes the week that my child turns two is really starting to freak me out! I mean what is going on here? It’s all showers for Reagan from here on out.

In some small way I’m a bit excited that she is no longer into baths because she really treated it more like a swimming pool than a time to get clean. What can I say? The child loves to be underwater. Still…I’m a bit more nervous of the fact that she likes to take really long showers. Isn’t that the fight I’m supposed to have with her when she becomes a teenager and decides that bathroom time is sacrosanct?

She especially loves taking showers in the morning with mom after she has come home from running early in the morning. I must say it’s a bit odd having a two year old stare at every inch of my body as she starts to explore her own. The first time I heard her say nipple as I was holding her made me almost faint. This is all moving too quickly and who the hell taught her the word nipple? Oh God, help me now!

The funniest things are happening in the bathrooms these days. Obviously with potty training we are spending more time in the bathroom than a college student with a permanent hangover. Last night for example…Rey heads to the kitchen and she is gone for a while.

She just went potty not five minutes earlier so I was trying to figure out what she was doing in the bathroom. The last time she was that quiet she found her sticker book and decided a head start was necessary on filling in the squares on her potty chart to get the whole book of stickers. A dummy my child is not!

So I walk into the bathroom, startling her. She looks up and says “Mama, Mr. Lizard potty.” I look down and see this colorful bean bag gecko hanging half off the toilet seat. The head area is obscured by the toilet seat lid which she had closed on top of it. She lifts the lid, laughs and repeats “Mr. Lizard potty!” It was the funniest thing I have ever seen and I couldn’t not get a picture of it. Seriously? Who thinks of this? My child, the two year old independent who has her toys go potty and takes showers. What’s next?

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