More Coffee Please


Yesterday was our first day of semi-cold weather. It was windy and threatening rain and I loved every minute of it.

The windows were open and I was in cuddled up most of the day with Reagan watching sports. I absolutely LOVE these type of days. It gets cool in the house and the heater wonders if it should kick on but refuses because I have the thermostat set so low. I get to make my favorite hot drinks and relish in the fact that Autumn has finally arrived to Northern California! WooHoo!

Reagan and I were playing in the living room when she stops mid rock of putting her baby doll to sleep and looks at me. “Mama, it’s cold outside, I want coffee.” I was dumbfounded. Coffee? I don’t drink coffee. Brian doesn’t drink coffee. Where in the world was this coming from? And when did she start associating cold weather with a warm beverage? OK brain child, but I think coffee is a bit too much for you. I settled for peppermint tea.

I broke out my super awesome tea kettle. It’s electric and the best gift ever. It heats water in about three minutes, but then who’s counting? Reagan was immediately interested by this new contraption. She likes to be in the kitchen with me while I’m bustling about so she sits on the counter. Right? Who puts a toddler on the counter? Yep…parenting fail!

I pulled the peppermint tea out and my favorite tea mug. Reagan demanded a cup of her own. “Hot, honey. You have to be very careful,” I said to her over and over again. She was mesmerized by the steam billowing out of the top of the kettle. Once the water was done I put the two mugs in front of Reagan and instructed her on how to pull the tea bags out of the box and put them inside the mugs.

So fun and exciting for her. She helped me pour the sugar and once the water was in she helped stir. You would have thought it was the coolest thing she had done to date. She was drinking a big girl drink. Once hers cooled enough I put it into a no spill sippy cup and she was the happiest kid on the block!

As we watched October baseball and relished in our San Francisco Giants winning of the NLDS Reagan continually said more coffee please. Oh well. I’ll explain the difference later but for now the little one loves her tea!

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