Slim By The Summer


So my darling friend Anna from Geek Can Be Chic and I teamed up and put together a challenge for ourselves and any other bloggers that want to join in!

We are getting our weight loss on! Who’s with us? You know you want to! Anna and I wanted a little friendly competition amongst ourselves to see how many pounds we could lose by Summer! The more we talked about it the more bloggers wanted to join in! So … get to the gym, get running, pull out those dusty workout DVD’s, chase your kids and work up a sweat! Whatever you have to do.

We are using My Fitness Pal as a tool to help us track our workout goals and how many pounds we have lost. It’s a free app and if you are wanting to keep track of food and calorie intake, it does that too! Once you have an account, friend us using our emails so we can see your activity too!

We are going to do weekly Slim by the Summer link up posts every Monday. There will be a theme on some weeks and other weeks it will just be weigh ins. (Don’t worry ~ you don’t have to divulge your weight to us! Good Lord let’s not get that personal!)

Write up a short post about what workouts you completed and what your overall weight loss was for the week or write up a post using the theme of the week.

Need some inspiration to keep going? How about this…I personally am going to send out a gift card to Starbucks for the person that lost the most weight for that week! How’s that for a reward?

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