Fun Sports That Won’t Break the Bank

If we want to enjoy a long life with as much great health as possible, then it’s vital to keep fit and stay in shape. Following a balanced and calorie-controlled diet is one step towards achieving this but taking part in regular sports can provide the all-important other half of the equation. This is even more important if you have children, as of course, you’ll want them to get fit and pick up good habits that stay with them for life, but, let’s face it, taking part in sports can be expensive. Don’t worry, here are three sporting activities that are great fun but don’t cost the earth.

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Swimming is not only lots of fun, it can be an important life skill as well, which is why it’s so important for children to learn to swim at an early age. As well as being an ideal family activity, one of the greatest things about swimming is that it’s incredibly inexpensive to participate in. Goggles and a swimsuit or trunks are the only initial investments needed. There’s also the cost of using the local swimming baths to consider, but this isn’t usually a prohibitive cost, and if you live by the coast there’s also the possibility of swimming in the sea, which is a great free workout courtesy of mother nature.

Ice Skating

Watching professional ice skaters battle for Olympic glory is a beautiful, serene sight, but whilst we may never get to compete for a gold medal ourselves we can still have lots of fun at our local ice rink. Whether you’re a skating newcomer or returning to an earlier hobby, the only must-have purchase you’ll need to make is a pair of good quality and reliable ice skates. Look for makes you can trust and then you’ll be ready to hit the rink. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to learn to skate, and it’s an activity that’s especially fun when shared with friends or family members.


America has lots of beautiful countryside to discover, from the east coast to the west, so whatever state you live in there’s sure to be something worth seeing. If you drive through the area, however, you’ll be missing most of what it has to offer. Cycling is a perfect solution, as it allows you to take a more leisurely pace so that you can see, hear and smell nature all around you. It’s also a great way to keep fit, and an average person can burn around 50 calories for each mile covered. Whilst some top of the range racing bikes can be very expensive, you can pick up a beginner’s best electric road bikes within a good budget, and maintenance costs will be low as well.

Ice skating, cycling, and swimming are just some of the fun activities that will help you maintain a healthy bank balance and a healthy lifestyle. Alternative activities include yoga, hiking, jogging, or aerobic exercised indoors. There’s no correlation between how much a sport costs and how much good it can do for you, so find one that you love and start your journey to a fitter you today.

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