Sleeve Types for Your Wedding Dress

wedding dress

Every bride desires to look elegant on her wedding day. To achieve this, you ought to get an appropriate outfit and opt for the right sleeve type. Be keen on the available sleeve types. In case you are wondering which sleeve is suitable, below is a guide of the options you may have:


The type of wedding dress only has straps running over your shoulders. Your dress remains in place from the support it gets from the straps. The majority of the dresses have some fabric around the shoulder or neck, making the design secure.

Long sleeves

Long sleeves go all the way to your wrists. For some people, the sleeves go past the wrists. The dress is especially suitable if you have some parts that you consider unattractive or are not proud of in your arms. Various long sleeves achieve an appealing look for your special day; some cover the back of your hands, while some have buttons that help make the sleeves easy and narrow.

Butterfly sleeves

Also known as flutter sleeves. The sleeves have a fabric put on your gown’s shoulders, falling loosely over your arms. The sleeves can be as long as three quarters or short cap sleeves. Flutter sleeves are characterized by a floaty and light fabric like chiffon. The fabric makes it easy to ripple and move whenever there is a breeze.

Bell sleeves

Bell sleeves are fitted near your shoulder and are mostly three quarter or elbow length. The sleeves widen at the bottom side. The majority of the designs uphold the effect of the bell sleeve with the elbow length.

Puffed sleeve

It is characterized by a fabric that has been fitted in a voluminous shape. The sleeve varies in terms of themes, where there is a bishop, leg o’ and short. When buying a wedding dress, consider whether the sleeve is suitable for several hours. Choose the sleeve types that complement the look of the dress on your special day.

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