The Interpretive Guidance disparatada jargon Clothing Stores

women's clothing
interior of women’s clothing store

With all due respect to the textile sector, I think the clothing stores are full of devilish dolls. Let us be clear, I do not say because, I rely on a comprehensive and detailed shopping experience I have developed since 1983, so when I speak, I do think rightly so.

I’m not sure what kind of sales training will be conducted within large companies, but if something I know is that they are terrifying. If you also feel that the spirit of Isabel Preysler is perched above them all, here we help you decipher the industry jargon -for accompanied courtesy of subtle responses when the case is given.

“Cari, I can help you with something?”

This is the first degree, the perfume that is inhaled into the first contact. To this question, he smiles, but flees. Flee as you can and do not succumb, do not look them straight in the eye and never defy them. In his eyes is the final spell to make you fall into his clutches posing as a potential best friend, but the reality is that where you see a friendly face they see only one word: CO-MI-ZION.

“Oh what will, if this then gives”

It’s funny to them, absolutely everything in life gives. Whatever it is that you’ve tried, but all the abdominal fat you get it over trousers, do not worry, because as will give in, because everyone happy. It is an old technique that became fashionable and hairdressers with his “do not worry that this court then will adapt.” Do not trust and above all critical. You are very wise.

“It Is that the sizing is smaller”

Shaped first slap lie. If they tell you the sizes of a garment specifically is smaller and invite you to provide you one tallita more distrustful. It is a subtle resource used to tell that maybe you’re trying embutirte in a size that do not apply because you have given very hard to nougat and swell a little tummy, the muslamen, the traserito and all the little parts of your body they were thin before, but not now.

“You use the S, right?”

Yes, I have seen with my own eyes and also suffered in the flesh of my best friends. I have witnessed colleagues that only a blind man would know that with the touch of tallita ‘S’ had very little and yet, pam, hardness singing.

I wish all the same seen with good eyes that any dependent when he tells me, do you sack a tiny tallita, right?

‘No, not my serves. Do not you see my lorzas or what?

“This is you take monisisimo”

And you stick with any cowherd because it is super nice and together with all dictionary words ending in -ito. Here the dynamics is to make much use of diminutives, do not stay back and try. It’s fun.

“Yes it is true that is a color very experienced”

To me it is that when I speak with strange words I do not understand. My color range is what is primary, secondary and ready colors. If you’re talking marengos gray, blue klein, suffered broken blanquitos and colors, I stay dead. I suffer that is not enough, huh?

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