5 Tips For A Summer And Elegant Outfit

Linen shirt

Let’s find out five ideas to have a perfect and elegant look even during the summer, without sacrificing comfort.

Summer is when you want to go back to living and going out after a year of work. It is no coincidence that various weddings and ceremonies are organized at this time of the year. Punctually, however, the fateful question also arrives: how should you dress during the summer? The high temperatures preclude many outfit possibilities. In this article, we will try to provide five tips to have a perfect and elegant look even during the summer, without sacrificing comfort.

Linen shirt and trousers

Elegant and suitable for any occasion, an outfit consisting of a shirt and linen trousers is an excellent idea for the summer. In addition to guaranteeing maximum freshness, linen is a trendy fabric this year. The shirt can be chosen from different models, but the one that might be more suitable is striped. As for shoes, the best solution is to go for blue moccasins. Enjoy online pokies real money.

Viscose shirt and skinny trousers

For those looking for a youthful and trendy look, you can opt for a patterned shirt and skinny pants. It is a simple but stylish outfit, suitable for formal and informal occasions. To complete, colored sneakers can also work.

How to combine polo shirts

The polo shirts have always been the protagonists of the summer, the must-have item. There are different models on the market every year, and it is not always easy to understand which one is the most fashionable. In any case, as regards the combinations, you can decide to combine the polo shirts with elegant trousers or even jeans. For informal occasions, polos with a stiff collar combined with Bermuda shorts can also be used, a fresh and classy outfit ideal for aperitifs on the beach. It is a great outfit for best online casino usa.

Short-sleeved shirt and cargo pants

Those who do not want to give up on comfort can opt for an outfit with a short-sleeved shirt and cargo pants to combine with sneakers. It is a perfect solution for not particularly formal situations.

Completely linen outfit

We close with the last idea: an outfit totally in linen, a material that, as we have seen, can combine maximum lightness with elegance. The choices, in this case, are many: you can opt for a shirt with patterns or stripes combined with solid color trousers. Alternatively, you can also opt for a solid color shirt to combine with patterned trousers. Finally, to complete, the best solution is moccasins.

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