Hair Trend 2022: Cuts And Colors


After a long wait, 2022 has arrived. Like every beginning of the year, the watchword is changing. What better way to usher in the year than by changing your haircut? So let’s see what the 2022 trends are. 

New year, new life, and why not, new look. With the arrival of 2022, there is a great desire to start over, and the best way to inaugurate the year is to give a new style to your haircut. Hairstyles are the expression of our personality, a symbol of our identity. However, our emotions, feelings, and habits change over the years, and these changes must also be expressed through the look, starting right from the hair. 

But what are the fashion hairstyles of 2022? Then we will try to understand the trending cuts of the new year. 


Famous for some years now, the mullet cut, also known in Italy as the German cut, in 2022 will establish itself as one of the absolute protagonists. 

Layered bob

The layered bob is a favorite of many celebrities, such as Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone. Compared to the classic bob, the cut gives a decidedly more sparkling look.

In 2022 it will be prevalent, especially with changes that will involve the introduction of more layered tips and a more comprehensive structure. Enjoy top online casino australia with a great style. 

Asymmetrical bob

Versatile and captivating, the asymmetrical bob is increasingly popular. You can choose between a straight, wavy, or curly cut. In all cases, however, the effect of the asymmetrical bob is extraordinary, capable of providing volume even to the smoothest and flattest hair. Plus, it’s a shortcut to maintain. 


The clavicle is a medium-length haircut, ideal for those who want a middle ground between short and long hair. It can also be worn with a ponytail. 


The bixie haircut, in terms of length, combines a bob and pixie style. Specifically, it’s shorter than bob and a little longer than a fairy. Either way, it will surely be among the most chosen looks of the New Year. You will find player in  us online casino follow this style as well.

French fringe

The French fringe is undoubtedly the most suitable hairstyle for those who want a more chic style. This cut is perfect for making your look more elegant and classy. 

Medium length bob

We close with the last of the significant cuts of 2022, the medium-length bob. In full 90s style, this type of hairstyle, being difficult to perfect, requires the intervention of a hairdresser to obtain a truly unique result. 

The trend colors of 2022

As well as style and shape, hair color is also essential for expressing one’s personality. A carefully chosen color can bring out not only the features and the skin but allows you to give a new aspect to the whole look. This is why it is essential to always choose suitable colors, perhaps in line with the trends of the moment. Every year the trend for hairstyles changes continuously. Here are some trending ideas for 2022:

Platinum: This color type is suitable for any hairstyle and allows for a modern look. However, it should note that platinum-colored hair needs constant care, which is why it is advisable to moisturize it frequently;

Blond: this color is certainly not new, but in 2022 its variants will be, such as the mushroom blond, a darker shade with greyish shades;

Rossi: also, in this case, in 2022, the shades of this color will dominate. Specifically, natural red will be trendy, close to copper, and a bright color that simultaneously provides excellent elegance. Alternatively, chocolate red can also work, especially suitable for those with brown hair, capable of delivering more excellent shine;

Colored: colored hair has been famous for some years now, and 2022 will be the year of confirmation. This look requires constant grooming, but it’s worth it.

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