Horseback Riding Boots for Beginners

If you are just getting started riding horses, there are certain things you need to prepare for before getting on the horse. This will include your footwear. Hopping on a horse with your regular shoes will not work. There are certain requirements to your footwear that will keep you safe and comfortable.

Horseback Riding Boots

Before you become a serious horseback rider, you may want to start slowly in selecting your footwear by purchasing discount riding boots. Once you become more accustomed to riding and what works best for you, you can start expanding your footwear attire. Not only is comfort important in your boot, but safety is crucial. You need a long heel, and you must have a closed-toe shoe to protect yourself if stepped on by the horse.

Types of Riding Boots

  1. Western Style Boot. Western boots tend to have a higher heel. Having a heel 1 to 1 1/2 inches is important so that your foot does not slip from the stirrup.
  2. English Style Boot. English boots come in various styles. The traditional English boot will be tall and can provide more protection and support. The jodhpur boot is shorter and comes to the ankle.

You do not have to be regulated to riding boots. There are also running shoes available. They are more casual with extra support in the ankle and sole. These would be a good choice if you are going to get into the ride and tie sport where you are riding and running for long distances.

Types of Materials for Boots

You need to do your research on what material your boots are made from and what best suits your needs. Check out sites that have many options of riding boots to give you an idea of what is out there. From canvas to leather, there are various options, and you may want more than one pair of riding boots depending on how and where you ride. For instance:

  1. Leather boots tend to be more expensive and require more maintenance. However, the higher-end leather boot will provide you more comfort and last longer.
  2. Rubber boots are great if you are riding in wet weather. But for longer periods of time, they may hold heat and get uncomfortable and hard to get off.

Getting started with horseback riding can be an investment. It is important to make sure you are comfortable and safe when you are riding. Checking out less costly alternatives for your riding boots may be a good way to start this new sport. After you become more experienced, you can start collecting other types of riding shoes that will protect and support you wherever your ride takes you.

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