Here’s How You Can Slay the Monochrome Look in a Kurti Set


Selecting colours of contrasting or complementing shades has been a norm for many while putting outfits together like a kurti set for women.  It is a trend that has been followed by women for ages. However, the latest monochrome trend puts an end to the age-old practices and has given a new face to fashion.

So what is monochrome? In brief, it means ‘one colour’. If you are wearing an outfit of the same colour or shades of similar colour then you’re wearing a monochrome outfit. It’s an enticing style that works well with a majority of hues. However, many women struggle to pull off a monochrome look because of the subtle nuances that are difficult to understand and style. Well, we’re here to help!

Here are a few tips that can help you style a monochrome kurti set:

  1. Give it a touch of texture 

One drawback of monochrome looks is that it can look very boring and dull if there is no unique or quirky element added to it. You can eliminate this problem by adding textures. They can help you enhance the beauty and add glam to the monochrome look. Sequins, laces, embroidery etc in the primary colour are good options that will give you optimal results. You can also opt for distinct materials to add texture to your outfit. Fabrics that complement each other well are silk and suede, cotton and georgette, etc.

  1. Strike a balance 

Balance is of utmost importance if you wish to achieve a successful monochrome look. Even the slightest of errors are easily highlighted while styling an attire of the same colour. Therefore, you must ensure every aspect is perfectly put together. Sizing is one thing you must consider. If your kurta is loose then you must opt for fitted pants and vice versa. Likewise, a heavily embellished kurti set must be paired with minimal jewellery. To get the perfect look, observe yourself once you’re done styling. If you feel something is off or overwhelming like the colour or jewellery, then replace it with a subtle alternative.

  1. Put attention to the right places 

It’s extremely crucial to designate the right shade to the right component of your outfit as per your figure. Figure out the dark and light shades of an outfit and pair it according to your size and shape. For example, if you have a wide waist or hips, then a dark coloured bottom with a light coloured top is an ideal choice. Look out for sets that have such a combination or even the ones with the same colour from top to the bottom will work well.

  1. Add accessories to the outfit

To stand out a little, you can opt for accessories such as a belt that will help accentuate your waist and at the same time break the monotony. You can also add a jacket or a handbag of a similar shade that is sure to give you an unforgettable appearance.

You can also use the above tips to style other ethnic outfits such as a monochrome salwar suit or a saree and create splendid looks.

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