Spring Outfit: Tips For Dressing Well In Layers

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In the intermediate seasons, dressing in layers is the ideal solution. In this article, we will try to provide some tips to enhance your appearance even during the spring months.

In the intermediate seasons, dressing in layers is the ideal solution. Furthermore, this way, you can give vent to your imagination and create many personalized looks with your clothes. However, fashion dictates rules that cannot be ignored when dressing “onion.” In this article, we will try to provide some tips to enhance your appearance even during the spring months.

Onion dressing: how to choose and match colors

The first problem to be faced is that of colors. How should you choose the right shade? And how to combine it? Spring is synonymous with life and rebirth; there is nothing better than celebrating it with an explosion of hues. However, it can be a sage choice to choose a single color in multiple shades to give your layered look a homogeneous and, at the same time, original and colorful effect. In this way, moreover, it will be possible to make your body appear less bulky. It will make you fit for a party and give you chance to enjoy best au online casino as well.

How many layers to wear?

After choosing the right colors or colors, you need to figure out how many layers to wear. The advice is not to exceed more than 3. Otherwise, you risk incurring excessive heat and, above all, making the body more voluminous. Also, it’s essential not to layer too much at the waist and bust.

Lengthen the silhouette

We have seen how dressing in layers can be an excellent way to slim down your silhouette. To lengthen the body, however, it can be an excellent idea to combine with long garments, such as a shirt that reaches beyond the hips, a long cardigan, or even a slight heel. This will ensure a slender effect.

In layers, but according to your shapes

As we are seeing, Dressing in layers is not a method that requires homogeneous and valid techniques. Specifically, it is also necessary to adapt the layers to your body shape. For example, those with a pear-shaped body can focus on thin jeans and abound in garments on the upper part in such a way as to balance everything. The important thing is to always choose garments with fabrics and materials capable of creating a structure.

And what about the belts?

In a layered outfit, the problem of how to wear the belt and, in particular, which layer to put it on. The advice, in this case, is to wear it on the last layer in such a way as to guarantee an even more substantial momentum effect. However, to achieve this goal, one must be careful to hold it in life and not at a lower point.

Sleeveless garments: yes or no?

When we talk about dressing in layers, we usually refer to sleeveless garments. Undoubtedly, wearing this type of garment can be an intelligent choice during spring. However, in addition to paying attention to the proportions, it is good to remember to choose thin sleeveless clothes. This types of dress is a great fit for party and bars. Enjoy top online casinos with this dress.

From the thinnest to the thickest garments

One last fundamental rule to remember when dressing onion is to wear the thinnest garments first and then gradually add the heavier ones. This is an efficient rule aimed at ensuring more accessible and more functional removal of the different layers. The trick is figuring out which garment can be worn alone. Clothes that require additional garments should be avoided when dressing onion. This will ensure maximum comfort.


We have therefore seen the main rules to pay attention to when dressing in layers. It is good to remember, however, that the fundamental law in these cases is to free your imagination and create a personal style to be truly original.

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