Fashion And Colors: How To Combine Red


Consistently among the protagonists in the field of fashion, red is a color that is not always easy to combine. This is why we will try to understand the primary shades that can be combined in this article.

A lively, captivating, and at the same time romantic color, red has always been a critical shade in fashion. Sometimes, however, combining it with the rest of the outfit cannot be easy. Red has different shades, from crimson to scarlet, requiring different combinations. Dressing in this color isn’t always complicated. You need to follow a few rules. Let’s see which primary shades are suitable for red to have an effective and vital style.

The rules for wearing red well

Before understanding which colors are used to combine red, it is advisable to know a fundamental rule. In the fashion field, we generally tend to avoid wearing more than two colors; this prescription applies especially to red. For this reason, in this article, we will see the combinations that can be done with a single shade, with one exception: red with navy blue and white. For the rest, here are the varieties we will analyze:

  • Red and pink
  • Red and beige
  • Red and white
  • Red with silver or gold
  • Red and green
  • Red and purple

Red and pink

Pink and red are part of the same color family, which is why they can be easily combined. Contrary to what one might think, in fact, through these two shades, it is possible to obtain an elegant and stylish outfit. Any shade of pink can work. This a great combination for online casinos logos.

Beige and red

Each of us in our closet will indeed have a beige garment. From sweaters to cardigans, this color is an absolute must-have. Not everyone knows, however, that it goes perfectly with red, especially when worn over pants with this shade. Alternatively, wearing a red top over beige pants can be a great solution.

White and red

White can be combined with red in several ways. For example, a dress in this shade can work together with a pair of red heels or a red dress with sunglasses or other white accessories.

Red and green

Green paired with red is a typical Christmas outfit. However, combining the different shades of the two colors can be an innovative solution.

Specifically, a mix of deep red and dark green, such as sage or emerald, can work. Finally, military green can also be a good alternative.

Red and purple

Red and purple, while not a very common combination, is a type of combination that can work in any season. In particular, there are several possibilities in this case, such as geranium red and warm purple, burgundy red and deep purple, and coral red as bright and bright purple.

These different solutions, especially in recent years, are experiencing a great diffusion. It’s a great combined color for casino design like

Red with silver or gold

Both silver and gold allow red to reflect better. That is why these colors can also be used. In particular, the ideal solution would be to apply shades to accessories or a pair of shoes.

Red, navy blue, and white

We close with a particular combination: red, white, and blue. Initially, combinations with more than two colors should avoid, but these three shades represent the exception that confirms the rule. It is a classic combination that provides a unique and classy style. However, even in this case, attention must pay to some factors. Since red and blue are primary colors, they can give too strong an effect. For this reason, it is better to wear an intense navy blue.

In short, there are so many solutions to combine red. However, it is good to remember that the final choice must always satisfy one’s tastes and represent one’s personality. This is why a pinch of customization must never be missing in combining the different shades.

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