Experience a Karon Beach Hotel with Your Kids

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Kids, as much as adults, need to enjoy their holiday, especially since your upcoming trip may be the first time they’ve left home and been able to let their hair down since the beginning of the pandemic.

Planning the right surroundings and attractions to fill their days is important because of how novel and different this holiday may be. That’s why booking a Karon Beach hotel can be so crucial and rewarding.

Emerging Into the Warm Light of Phuket

Many travellers feel that they’re emerging into the light at long last from a period of darkness caused by the pandemic. The lockdowns and quarantines are hopefully behind them, and they can begin to enjoy life once again.

For your kids, the length of time they’ve had to live with the pandemic can seem endless. Taking off on a trip to a beachfront holiday on an exotic tropical island can do wonders for the whole family’s spirits, but it especially helps kids forget about the past couple of years.

Picking the right hotel to stay at is part of the fun of planning your trip. And choosing a hotel that’s right on the ocean with lots of activities for the kids (and adults) gives the whole family something to look forward to in the days leading up to your departure.

Focus On Kid-friendly Hotels

Hotels in Phuket are aiming their services at family visitors. More and more of the best hotels on the island are featuring poolside water features, petting zoo attractions, and kid’s rooms that provide entire days of fun for visiting children, as well as a restful stay for their parents.

While your young ones enjoy the water slides or play games in the kid’s rooms, their parents can enjoy a poolside massage or take a long romantic walk along the beach. Booking a stay at a kid-friendly hotel can be as beneficial for the parent’s mental health as it is for the kids.

You can now choose from a number of kid-friendly hotels in all the best locations that Phuket offers. Most visitors opt for Phuket’s western coast for the stunningly beautiful sunsets over the water it offers, as well as all the restaurants, shops and infrastructure along the coast.

The west coast also has kilometres of picturesque beaches with backdrops of lush, green hills and mountains. It’s a paradise whether you want to experience the natural beauty of the island or simply lay by the pool while your kids have the time of their lives.

Spend Your Holiday in Karon Beach

One of the best hotels for kids and parents is on the west coast of Phuket in Karon Beach. The Thavorn Palm Beach Resort offers the perfect balance of plenty of fun activities for the kids, and a fitness room, fun classes, a VIP Club Lounge, and cultural tours for the adults. Plus all the sunshine and poolside relaxation anyone could ask for.

Book your next family holiday at the Thavorn Palm Beach Resort in Karon Beach, Phuket.

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