Avoid Printing When You Conceal Carry

If you are new to wearing a concealed carry weapon, you have been warned against printing. Printing is when the outline of your handgun is visible underneath your clothing. It is important to understand concealed carry options for new gun owners. Here are just a few ideas to help keep your concealed carry weapon hidden.

Modify How You Carry

The simple act of adjusting your carry location can reduce printing. Move your holster to use a more traditional appendix carry. You can also carry on the small of your back. Adjusting the angle with which you holster the weapon can also affect how the gun prints under your clothing.

Use Your Clothing as Camouflage

You may choose to shop your closet, selecting shirts with patterns or different textures to disguise the handgun. There has been a surge in clothing manufacturers that specialize in apparel with built-in holsters. These manufacturers design clothing that specifically avoids printing. These apparel items help the concealed carry wearer feel more comfortable when they are in public.

Move Around as you Try it On

Directly facing a full-length mirror will give you some insight as to how much your weapon prints. However, people often look at you from an angle. As you look at yourself in the mirror, remember to twist, turn, bend, and stretch. Keep an eye on how your weapon prints.

Ask for Help

You know where you carry, so your eyes will naturally fill in the outline of your handgun. Take a trusted person with you and ask them to ensure you are not printing.

As the industry booms with concealed carry options for new gun owners, keep in mind the basics of carrying your handgun. Ensuring that your weapon is not printing is an important step in an effective concealed carry strategy.

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