Get Excellent Shoulder Pain Treatment in Bangkok

People often feel that a twinge in the shoulder in not a big deal. But later they may have trouble resting their elbows on a desk as they work, or performing other arm movements as an integral part of their job. That’s when they realize that they need effective shoulder pain treatment to continue with their normal activities.

You’re a shoulder is a convergence of three bones, your shoulder blade (scapula), your collarbone (clavicle), and your upper arm bone (humerus).

The end of your shoulder blade has a rounded socket that the top part of your upper arm bone fits into. The various muscles and tendons on and around your shoulder serve to both help anchor your upper arm bone in this socket, and restrict its movement.

Finding the Source of Your Shoulder Pain

There are a variety of types of shoulder pain based on what is causing the pain. An injury to the shoulder itself is generally referred to as an inflammation. You can also suffer damage to a muscle or tendon in the shoulder area, or damage to the bones and cartilage.

The pain resulting from this damage can radiate through the neck to the point where you might think the problem is in your neck, not in your shoulder. Because your shoulder is so integral to your body and its movement, you can even feel the pain from other related parts of your body in your shoulder.

If you have a nagging shoulder pain that prevents you from moving normally and performing your job or otherwise disrupting your lifestyle, make an appointment with a trained physiotherapist to track down the source of shoulder pain and start a program to heal it.

Stopping the Pain is the First Step to Recovery

Your physiotherapist will first find the source of the pain and reduce of eliminate it by the use of shockwaves, lasers, and ultrasound machines. Once you’re comfortable and pain-free, a skilled therapist will begin to loosen the muscles in your shoulder by using manual therapy.

They’ll take their time to both loosen the muscles and prevent any pain from returning. Loosening the muscles marks the second step in the process. The third step is to gently restore the same range of motion to your shoulder as you had before the pain started.

The fourth step of the process is to educate you in the proper range of movement for the shoulder, while continuing to improve your shoulder movement.

By making you aware of how the shoulder should move naturally, and introducing those movements as part of the therapy. Your body will remember the proper range of motion and learn to stay within it. When this program is followed diligently by the patients, they can effectively do without pain from the same type of injury for years or for the rest of their lives.

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