What Can You Do for Father’s and Mother’s Day?

Father’s and Mother’s Day

Parenting is a tiring job. It’s a challenge to manage a household so it is just appropriate to give your partner a day off occasionally from their parenting job. Remind your significant other how special he or she is on Father’s and Mother’s Day. Let them know that they are well appreciated and loved. But, what can you give to your partner?

Here are some things you can do to express your gratitude:

For Her

  • Book a massage for your wife to give her the chance to unwind and relax.
  • Breakfast in bed. Treat her like a queen on her special day with breakfast in bed. Make it with the kids so they can join in the fun too.
  • Flowers and chocolates. Of course, you can never go wrong with flowers and chocolates. This is the oldest trick in the book! Go get her favourite chocolates but don’t stick with roses for the flowers. Buy her her favourite flowers instead. Have them mixed in with other flowers to make it more colourful.
  • Spa gift box. Pamper her and give her gift vouchers to her favourite spa to get her nails done or have a facial.
  • Show your appreciation through jewellery. You can have it personalised. The rage nowadays is fingerprint jewellery. This is jewellery that has your fingerprint embossed on it. This way, your wife will always be reminded that you are always there for her.

For Him

  • Personalised cufflinks. Give your husband some personalised cufflinks. You can have them customised to make them special. You can even get your children’s drawing transferred to the cufflinks. Nothing celebrates fatherhood more than giving him something that reminds him of his children.
  • This is a practical but also a significant gift for your special someone. He’s going to be using this a lot of times so you’ll really get your money’s worth when you buy him a new tie. You can make it a little bit more special by putting monogrammed initials on the back of the tie or at the bottom of it.
  • A trip out. Men can still be boys, so they will surely love outdoor trips. This can be a good bonding time for the whole family as well. Go hike up a mountain or go camping. Your husband will appreciate a trip out.
  • If you can, give your husband something valuable like jewellery. You can give him a personalised ring and emboss something meaningful on the inside of the ring.
  • Who says your husband can’t have a massage? Massage is not only for women, it can be a relaxing activity for your husband too! Go book him one and make him feel cherished and loved.
  • Personalised watch. Splurge and pool in your resources to buy your hubby a personalised watch. Etch his initials on the back or you can opt to place your children’s birthdays and initials to commemorate fatherhood.

No matter what you give, I’m sure your significant other will feel loved and be proud to have a thoughtful husband or wife like you.



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