Girls Day Out

Girls Day Out

Yesterday after my potty training meltdown and beating my body and mind into submission with Pilates and my 3 1/2 mile run I decided to regroup and remember why I loved being a mother. I needed to take Reagan for some much need girl time and I decided a girls day out was in store. It was 105 degrees yesterday but nothing was going to stop me from getting out of the house! Not even the heat.

I was excited to be out of the house with Reagan solo. It would give us the bonding time that has been lacking the past few months. She has been so attached to daddy since he has been on his work hiatus and it has been difficult for me.

Normally I am not a jealous person but with Brian being home and Reagan giving him so much attention it has made the green eyed monster pop out in ways I never knew existed. Is that wrong? To be jealous of the relationship your child has with your spouse? Believe me I love that she is getting the time so spend with her dad; very few families have that privilege to spend time with both parents. But, there is still the aching inside me for things to go back to normal…when it was Reagan and mommy.

So I made it happen. Zoo trip! Reagan was so excited when I told her we were going to the zoo! “Animals, going to see animals,” she yelled. Reagan and I packed some cool drinks and headed out for a fun afternoon. We arrived at the zoo and the second we parked Reagan started squealing like a monkey and yelled “zoo!” It had been about three months since we had gone and obviously she had missed it.

We had so much fun together. Running around, sharing a soft serve cone and a ice! She ran from animal to animal squealing in delight and constantly asking, “what’s that?” It was just like nothing had changed and my little girl and I were bonding again. Our girls day out was just what we both needed. We rode the zoo train and ran through the water misters in front of the Wild Cats exhibit.

A very good idea in 105 degree heat. Our last stop was the zoo store, of course. A new baby for her to remember our girls day. She ran straight for a baby elephant wrapped in it’s own blanket. She picked it up saying “Elle mama, I have?” I couldn’t resist. We purchased Elle and she hasn’t let it go since. She slept with Elle and brought her into our bedroom this morning when she woke up. She even took her to daycare today for nap time.

Brian was very happy for both of us that we got to spend some needed mother-daughter time. It was just what I needed and I will definitely be planning future outings to keep our bond special and growing!

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