How to Recognize Real Leather

real leather

For an inexperienced eye, distinguishing between real and fake leather is not very simple. This article will try to understand the methods for recognizing genuine leather.

For an inexperienced eye, distinguishing between real and fake leather is difficult. Both may appear very similar, but some minor differences allow us to understand the quality of the material in front of us. That is why this article can be essential for those who are about to buy a leather product. Later we will try to understand the methods to recognize genuine leather.

Methods for recognizing genuine leather

Several details can recognize high-quality leather. Unlike the synthetic one, it has some specific characteristics you must know. To do this, we will now see the primary methods for assessing whether the skin is natural or not. Sitting in a genuine leather sofa and playing online pokies feel awesome.

The water drop test

One of the first techniques is the so-called water drop test. It is a method that consists in pouring a drop of water on the material, trying to understand later if the dot is absorbed. If this happens, the skin has open pores and is therefore natural. However, the lack of absorption does not automatically correspond to lousy material quality. In these cases, it is recommended to carry out further checks.

The flame test

Then there is the flame test, carried out by lighting a lighter on the part of the leather object for a few seconds. In this case, it will be possible to obtain a blackening of the surface or a smell of burnt hair which indicates a genuine leather hide. On the other hand, if you get an odor of burnt plastic and the surface catches fire, the leather is fake.

The smell of the leather

A good technique is to smell the skin. Even if you do not know the smell of natural leather, smelling fake leather allows you to immediately recognize the quality of the material, also because the latter does not taste anything or naphtha. Furthermore, the smell of genuine leather is destined to last over time. Wearing a genuine leather jacket and visit online casino nz is a great feel.

Check the texture and margins.

Usually, the original leathers have some inaccuracies, such as cuts or textures of the epidermis. These are small details, almost invisible to the eye. The imperfections in the synthetic leather turn out to be much less natural. That is why it is necessary to check the textures during the buying phase. At the same time, it can be helpful to look at the margins, trying to understand if there are any cut filaments (genuine leather) or not (imitation leather).

Furthermore, there are usually minor defects on natural leathers, such as an animal bite or minor scratches, since leathers with obvious flaws are discarded during manufacturing.

The price

Considering the leather’s price is another way to check its quality. A genuine leather product will have a much higher cost, as the purchase prices of the leather are higher. The speech changes if you buy the material from leather and hide wholesalers.


Genuine leathers are never the same. Each has specific characteristics that make it unique. On the other hand, the individual parts of an animal’s skin also vary. Just as the color of the various materials turns out to be different, which will never be homogeneous over the entire surface, some parts will be lighter and others darker. The pores are also different from each other.

But how to notice all these minor differences? To understand the inhomogeneity of the various skin components, it is advisable to get a magnifying glass and expose the material to sunlight. Through the lens, you will be able to see the different colors of the surface and the level of homogeneity of the pores, which, in the case of genuine leather, do not follow a precise path but are randomly placed on the surface.

Durability and wear

A foolproof way to understand if you are dealing with genuine leather or not is to wait. Time will allow us to know if the material’s resistance and smell can last a long time. In particular, fake leather tends to crumble and split over time, while hard-quality leather can last for years.

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