How to shop carpets by seasons

Many people wonder what the best time of year to buy a new rug is. The answer to that question depends very much on your goal for the carpet purchase and what exactly you want to buy. Each season offers something to take advantage of.

carpets by seasons



Spring is the best time of the year to shop for a new rug if you are a style maven and love to get the latest furniture “hot from the press.” and the most promising lines in the largest floor exhibition, The International Surface Event, which is usually held in late January each year in Las Vegas.

After the products have been unveiled at the show, manufacturers start distributing the samples to their retailers, which means that the new carpets usually arrive on store shelves in early spring. Some manufacturers may run offers to promote their new product lines but do not expect huge savings at this time of year.


Summer is usually a slower time of year for many retailers because it is the most significant year to take a vacation. In addition, during the summer months, especially in a climate that truly experiences all four seasons, many people have turned their attention to the outdoors and focused on their gardens and outdoor chores rather than thinking about buying a new rug.

The potential benefit to customers who shop during the summer is faster turnaround time: If the stores are not as busy, they will not be booked to take action and set up. In addition, stores may be offering incentives to increase sales in these slower months, so there is the potential for some savings.


Autumn is usually the busiest season for carpet sales. Just as people focus on the exterior of their homes during the warmer months, they begin to think about interiors when the weather cools down, and they spend more time indoors. They also want their home to look its best when family and friends visit during the holidays.

More importantly, autumn is the time of year when manufacturers (as opposed to retail stores) run their biggest promotions – more specifically, usually in October. The big carpet factories can offer on-site savings, refunds, coupons, or sweepstakes as part of a national promotional campaign, making fall one of the best times to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a great deal.

Retailers are also starting to think about cleaning up their existing stock before they get their new products in the spring, so they can offer lower prices to make it easier.


The winter months often represent a slight slump in the flooring industry. The race for the festival is over, and the new style introductions have not been released yet (although some new products may start to hit stores towards the end of the season). In early January, there may be an increase in customer traffic in carpet stores where people spend the money they receive on holiday gifts or embrace the ideology of a “new beginning” with the New Year.

People in the industry are pretty busy because of the trade show, but there is usually not much going on in the shops during the winter months. Stores that store carpet rolls in stock can be a good buy as they continue to clean their supplies. Otherwise, you could rather wait for a few months and benefit from more choice with the new styles.

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