Why is your home not being bought?

Selling a house the right way? Anything but easy; it happens again and again that advertised properties receive little attention. The wrong season, bad pictures, too high a price: The reasons can be varied, explains it with the expert adviser.

Interview with the expert

Interview with the expert

Why can it be that a property cannot find a buyer?

Many reasons are possible. Bad photos, missing or incorrect information in the tender or excessive sales prices are just a few of them. Seasonal factors also play a role depending on the region. Basically, the period from spring to autumn is ideal for sales. In winter, many interested parties are not ready to make decisions and moving is not very attractive

How do you get to the exact reason if there are no interested parties?

In such cases, a detailed analysis is required, which is why the salability problem is. This is where the lever is to be applied. Often times, self-sellers tend to get in touch with a broker and place the sale in professional hands. Only then do you realize how complex the marketing or sale of your home actually is.

Does the chance of a sales success decrease the longer a property is advertised?

Although this is not mandatory, it can be confirmed as a statement in principle. Nowadays, when interested parties are well informed due to the various options in all areas and the market is extremely transparent, advertisements that have been displayed for a long time seem rather uninteresting. On the demand side, the perception quickly arises that there is a catch. It therefore makes sense to deactivate the advertisement after a few weeks and reload it with a new title and new pictures.

When is the time to go down the price?

That cannot be answered across the board and is very individual. First of all, it should be analyzed and conclusively clarified whether the price was actually set too high or whether there are other reasons for the lack of salability. It may well be that the seller or the broker has speculated a little with the selling price. A downward price correction is therefore not uncommon. However, the seller should make sure that he does not have to adjust the price downwards at regular intervals because he initially set it much too high. That quickly looks dubious.

When is it advisable to call in a broker?

It is almost impossible for a layperson to know the complexity of the sales process in detail. Even so, many salespeople think they can easily do it themselves. During the marketing process, however, countless owners notice that it takes a lot of know-how, time, nerves, negotiating skills and neutrality to achieve a successful sale

How can you present your property as attractively as possible?

There are simple ways to present your property in the best light to potential buyers. Starting with a clean order, through minor renovations and improvements, without covering up obvious defects, to attractive photos by a professional; these points alone can help make the difference. Is it worth renovating before selling?

Do you even recommend a 3D visualization?

recommend a 3D visualization

3D visualizations make sense, especially in the new building / project area. They help the interested party to get a pictorial idea of ​​their future home. For older properties, however, visualizations are not really useful. Unless there is a remodeling or a major renovation that can only be professionally visualized.

6 Tips on How to Sell Your Home Properly

  1. Make sure you take attractive, yet realistic photos.
  2. Show some pictures on the advertisement on the Internet in order to make the interested party “happy”. At the same time, save various highlights for viewing.
  3. Don’t overload your ad with too much text. Less is more! Keywords are more likely to be read than entire novels.
  4. If you have advertised your property for a long time, take it off the network in the meantime and try again with new pictures and new text after a certain period of time.
  5. If you notice that you have too little time or are overwhelmed with the situation, seek a no-obligation discussion with a real estate expert.
  6. If you should get stuck with the sale: Analyze the reasons for the difficult sale ability and contact a specialist if you have any questions.

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