The Best Ways to Resell Your Diamond for Top Dollar

When you buy your first diamond the sparkle and the elegance captivates your every gaze. Over time, that sparkle never really does seem to fade away. Diamonds are a type of stone that is so hard it can weather time while at the same time keeps its beauty. If you are looking at reselling a diamond and are looking for a place to give you top dollar, then there are some places that you will want to explore before selling it on a social media site or another place where you will lose value. It’s always a smart idea to do your research and try to gain as much information as you can about the diamond before initiating a sale. 


Here are some great places where you can sell your diamond for top dollar.

  • The first place you will want to check is a jewelry store. These places are known for selling diamonds, but many of them buy them as well. You will want to provide a grading certificate for them to look at. This type of document will also keep you from being cheated. You will know the size and clarity before ever talking about a price. It is also a good idea to get them to provide a price first when negotiating a final sale price.
  • You may also approach an independent jeweler. These professionals buy and sell diamonds for a living. They are usually well-connected with other buyers which means they can usually give top dollar to purchase your diamond from you. They will want to see the certificate of ownership to ensure that the diamond is truly yours.
  • You may also try and sell the diamond yourself. There is a certain amount of risk selling a diamond on your own. You will need to have done your homework to determine the value of the diamond before cutting the deal. You will also be risking a huge sum of money because most people will try and talk you down from your starting price. But this way of selling a diamond is quicker, but you stand the chance of losing money.
  • Strike a deal at a pawn shop or consignment shop to sell your diamond. At a consignment shop, the owner will place the piece in their store for customers to come and look at. Once a customer decides to buy the diamond, you will be given a percentage of the sale. This percentage is agreed on before the diamond is cosigned to the shop owner. A pawn shop will assess the diamond and tell you how much they would be willing to pay to acquire the diamond from you. 

No matter where you try and sell your diamond you will want to know what kind of stone you have. It is also best to have a copy of the certificate of authenticity with you when talking with potential buyers. And you do not have to take the first offer that comes along. You can decide to wait for another offer to see if they will offer more.  

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