Push Presents: Why It’s Okay to Give Someone a Diamond After Giving Birth

There was some controversy, mainly among husbands, when Kim Kardashian received a diamond-studded ring for giving birth to their first child. She subsequently received more push presents for her other children – some were diamonds again.

Now, how did this become a problem? It’s not really, but a lot of people thought that this was too much for husbands. Wives who give birth to children may think otherwise. The argument is that giving a diamond is too much for a push present, but others are also saying, why give a push present at all. Isn’t the child a gift itself?

diamond jewelry

This is quite a funny situation as I’ve heard it numerous times from my husband and wife friends too many times. No one is really taking it seriously, but it would be nice to get a present after giving birth. It doesn’t have to be a diamond and you don’t have to give a present at all if that is your choice.

If, however, you decide to give a push present, here are some options:

  1. A Diamond Charm Bracelet

Diamond charm bracelets are less expensive than what the Kardashians receive after giving birth, but it’s just as pretty and special. The reason why charm bracelets are less expensive is because they use smaller diamonds and less precious metals. No need to get platinum or gold. Vancouver diamonds are the way to go, by the way.

  1. Flowers

I would say that these are just as special as diamonds. The thought itself is more precious than any gem in the world. Remembering to buy flowers after your wife gives birth is not an easy thing, especially when your baby just came and is ready to receive all your love. When your wife gets even a single-stemmed rose, it shows just how much you are grateful for her and what she has given you.

  1. Something Useful

Specifically, something that will make it easier to take care of the baby. This could be a carrier that is ergonomically designed to reduce muscle strain, an essential oil diffuser for relaxation and health, a stroller that has all the compartments the baby needs. There’s so much more if you put some more thought into it. While this seems like a present for the baby, it’s actually something that will make taking care of the baby easier for you and your wife.

  1. A Spa Day

Once your wife is fit to go out and move, volunteer to take of the baby or the kids yourself and give her a voucher for a full spa day where no one can bother her. Make sure to prepare everything you need so that you won’t bother her. With that said, book a massage, a facial, a manipedi – the works! Treat her to dinner too! When she gets home, she’ll be so refreshed and looking forward to spending time with her family.

What Else Can You Give Her?

You can give her whatever she needs. Moms can become really busy, especially if they have to start working as well. Even a late push present can really brighten up her day. You can buy something from this list, (diamonds, *cough*) or make one yourself. (using diamonds *cough*) Kidding aside, love is the best thing you can give.

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