Simple Ways to Surprise Your College Kid


If you’ve got a kid who chose a college that isn’t in your home town, chances are you spend plenty of time missing them and worrying about whether or not they’re taking good care of themselves. You can still help them out from time to time by sending them a candy stash for late night study sessions or extra laundry detergent to remind them to wash their sheets more often. Not only will it be a pleasant surprise for them, but it’s a great way to show them that they’re on your mind. If you’re looking for care package ideas, here are a few tips to get you started.

Send Something Edible

College kids can never get enough food. From candy gift baskets to homemade baked goods, there’s something special about getting some of your favorite foods delivered with love. If you know they’re in their room for the night, surprise them with a local pizza delivery for a hot meal.

Order a Few Gift Cards

Most college students find themselves strapped for cash, no matter how well they manage their money. Help them relieve some stress or enjoy a well-deserved treat by sending them a gift card to their favorite coffee shop or restaurant. Keep things practical by choosing something for a nearby gas station or grocery store. If the weather is about to change, a gift card for their favorite store could help them get some much-needed new clothing for the upcoming season.

Ship Essentials Straight to Their Place

From toiletries to household supplies and everything in between, it’s super convenient to order virtually every essential your college kid needs to take care of themselves and their space. Save the costly postage by having orders shipped directly to them. Most companies allow you to include a note and gift receipt with online orders to they’ll know who the surprise is from.

It doesn’t take much to brighten your favorite college student’s day by sending a special care package. Keep it practical and they’ll be grateful and well cared for.

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