Shopping for a Perfect Bathtub

Shopping for a Perfect Bathtub

No matter if you’re a bath lover or a practical shower type of person, you can’t deny how amazing a warm bath feels like, especially after a long and hard day’s work. However, not all baths are created equal—some are perfect for soaking sessions, others for water massages. Some look very attractive while others rely on their size to provide you with the ultimate bathing experience. So, if you find yourself a bit overwhelmed with all of these options, here’s a little guide that will help you choose a perfect bathtub.

Tub styles

Standard tubs

Even though it doesn’t come with flashy additions and high-tech features, a standard tub will provide you with a great bathing experience. Standard tubs are usually the most common, the least expensive and are designed to fit in most bathrooms.

Soaking tubs

Soaking tubs resemble standard tubs, but they are usually deeper to allow for a better soaking session. Some can also be wider or longer to accommodate the user just perfectly. Usually they are a bit more expensive than standard tubs but are still very much affordable.

Tubs with jets

There are two types of tubs with jets: whirlpool tubs and air tubs. Whirlpool ones come with jets that are specially designed and placed to provide deep and relaxing massage. They are perfect for people with all sorts of muscle and joint pain. On the other hand, air tubs have a bigger number of jets that spread the water pressure more evenly. This produces a general feeling of relaxation instead of a massage. There are also models that come with both whirlpool and air technology if you can’t seem to make up your mind.

Installation types

Alcove tubs

When it comes to bathtub installation, the most common type is the alcove bathtub. Such a tub has one finished side exposed and three sides installed in between walls. These models usually allow for an easy shower and tub combo, which makes it perfect for people who love to alternate between shower and bathing sessions.

Freestanding tubs

Freestanding tubs are designed to serve as a focal point as much as a piece of bathroom furniture. Freestanding baths are completely finished from all sides and provide a great bathing experience. They fit in perfectly into spacious bathrooms and can boost the look of any interior design style. So, if you have a bathroom that has plenty of space (as freestanding baths take up a bit more space because they are not pushed up against the wall), this bathtub option will certainly look stylish and serve its purpose beautifully.

Drop-in tubs

There are tubs that are designed to drop into a deck, hence the name. The tub deck is usually tiled to match the walls or paneled to match the cabinets. Drop-in tubs come in a wide variety of materials, shapes, sizes and features. For instance, most whirlpool and air tubs are drop-in tubs where the motor is hidden under the tub deck.

Bath materials

Acrylic and fiberglass are the most common choices of bathtub materials. They are both durable, affordable, lightweight and react great to heat. Fiberglass is still a bit cheaper, but it’s prone to scratching and its heat retention isn’t the best. There are other tub materials with great properties as well, but they are usually more expensive. For instance, cast iron is very attractive and durable, but heavy and pricey. Steel has similar aesthetics and carries a lighter price tag, but it’s not as durable. Stone and marble are beautiful and elegant, just like copper, but they are available only for those with a heftier wallet.


The size of your unit is just as important as any other element and you should definitely not take it lightly. If you’re looking to replace your existing tub with a newer model, your choice is limited. The safest route is to choose a tub that has similar dimensions and installation type as your previous model. However, if you’re just building your bathroom or having a big remodel, you can be pickier when it comes to the size. In that case, you can design the bathroom around the tub instead of the other way around. Pay special attention to the length, because if you opt for a short model that barely fits your body, you’ll end up using your tub very rarely.

Hopefully, this guide will make bathtub shopping a little less stressful. With careful planning and considering, you’ll end up with a model that perfectly fits all your needs.

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