Black Friday: 5 Tricks to not get ripped off

I took a week to check all ads of rebates and discounts that I find interesting for Black Friday 2015. In an event that encourages mass consumption like this, it may be relatively common for some businesses “wise guys” seize our willingness to buy and take us little hair with the price issue. Today more often use tricks so that you are forewarned and be consumed with common sense and distinguish a cushy know a little scam I tell you.


Changing prices: Whenever a product is lowered, you have to put the label or the% discount you have or the previous price and the new. When this second case, no one can really ensure that previously were selling the previous reference price. Some companies have been accused of inflating the prices the days leading up to Super announce discounts on Black Friday. In fashion brands usually not very common, especially in the chains in which we assume that everything costs the same everywhere, but if you see any suspicious case, review it on social networks, where consumers often complain.

Hook Articles in limited: Bids bearing the subtitle “limited” are often a tightrope between the real and the imaginary. Imagine a perfume that promotes fashion perfume 50% discount. It is a very juicy product, especially at this time, with Christmas just around the corner. What they are not required to say whether they will put two units or two hundred, so the walk to the property may be in vain to get that supply and / or worse, may end up biting somewhere that is not so advantageous for you.

Gift Voucher:  This is the queen of marketing strategies to attract customers and to spend far more than you thought. 20 euros gift voucher for 100 euros minimum purchase. I assure you that today spend 100 euros (without any discount) and you decide to return another day if you apply a discount. Think about what kind of facilities you interested in this type of promotion is not the same as you give it in a supermarket where you buy every week, in a very specialized or very expensive goods store, which will ensure that return to consume something that probably do not need.

Incompatible deals: Some deals may be incompatible. For example, if a store has all the dresses in 3 × 2, and also had a check for 30% discount on its Web certainly you have to choose another or sign up.

Hidden costs: This applies especially to the costs of purchasing online. In many cases offset the initial discount product with high shipping costs, charges payable by credit card or paypal, or worse, unpredictable, customs charges.

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