7 Tips For Shopping

All women love to shop. It is therapeutic, relaxing, excellent distracting and very comforting. Until you find what you want.

Find the perfect outfit can be a nightmare. No matter what size or what be believe you have physical defects, all women get frustrated when we do not find that perfect piece we’re looking for.

To avoid this frustration, we leave 7 tricks to find the right clothes that make you feel beautiful.

Tips For Shopping

  1. Do not go shopping alone

When planning, shopping, make sure you have a sincere friend next door. Ask someone you trust to accompany you, preferably a person known for its good taste.

  1. Czech fashion magazines

Before going to a store, take time to leaf through fashion magazines. Make sure you have an idea of what are the trends, and think what clothes could look good on your body.

  1. Requests for advice experts

If you have no idea what goes with your body type, you can ask a professional help. Hire a stylist or image designer shopping with you. Probably a large investment, but if you put the batteries only you have to do it once in life.

  1. Find a good seamstress

Ask among your friends until you find the perfect seamstress. She can save your clothes, adjusting them to fit you like tailor-made.

  1. Be patient in the tester

The clothes for us to be tested for hours can be exhausting, and that again will shed a tear. However, it is a necessary part of shopping. So arm yourself with courage and patience and try on the whole store. Also, do not be afraid to experiment with larger or smaller than you think you are sizes. Each garment is different, so do not listen to the labels. Don not forget to get a men’s cargo shorts for your partner as well.

  1. Highlight your attributes

What do you like about your body? If you love your arms, look for clothes that make them look. If you have athletic legs, go for skirts and shorts.

  1. Hide your flaws

Just as there is something we love, there are parts of our body that do not make us happy. Try to hide in clothes that cover or disguise. If you are overweight, looking for clothes that make you look thinner; if you have the legs too long looking jeans and blouses disguise the length. If you have cellulite, Capris purchased instead of shorts and no one will notice your problem.


Use these 7 tips to find the clothes that best fits you. Do not settle for the first thing you see, or what you like on the mannequin. Take your time to find the clothes that highlight your qualities.

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