Get Protection Made with the LG in Mind

LG’s flagship smartphone is one of the most adaptable devices on the market today. With a swappable design that allows you to switch out special modules, you can make subtle changes to the G5 and personalize the way you use your phone. A simple click of a button is all it takes to open up the bottom bezel so you can switch out modules (what LG likes to call the G5’s friends), and you can modify your cell as you see fit. Now imagine you can get a decal that’s just as adjustable as the phone itself. With LG G5 skins you can switch out design after design, keeping your phone stylish and surprisingly protected.

LG Phone cover

Decal, skin, or wrap – whatever you call them, as long as they’re made out of genuine 3M vinyl, you know you’ll have the customization you need. 3M vinyl custom color wraps for the LG G5 don’t rely on messy adhesives to attach to the phone. They’ll hug the cell effortlessly, and with the right technique, you can peel them off easily. In as little as 5 minutes, you can switch out the G5 decal and totally reinvigorate the look of your device. If you have a whole catalogue of styles, you can have a design fit for any occasion. From the subtle sophistication of mahogany to the wacky cheer of bright carbon fiber, the choice is yours.

The LG’s pioneering design is ahead of its time. Until Google releases its Project Ara, it will be the only smartphone on the market that has swappable accessories. Exclusivity has the makings of an ultra-cool phone, but it also makes it difficult to protect.  The typical forms of protection that fit most other smartphones won’t work with the G5. Hard plastic cases act like a prison for a cellphone that dissembles, and its solid construction interferes with the removal bottom bezel. With cases, the swappable design ends up getting sacrificed for protection.

Luckily, you don’t have to settle for average protection. LG G5 decals are just as exceptional as the phone that they’re made for. Coming in 4 separate pieces, a skin has been designed with the G5 in mind. It hugs all of the unique curves and corners of the phone without adding any unnecessary bulk in places you don’t need. Measuring only 0.23 millimeters thick, it will never catch when you’re swapping out modules, nor will it interfere with any of the phone’s speakers, ports, or buttons. Made to fit down to the micro-millimeter, it’s like a natural extension of the phone.

With superior coverage comes excellent protection. Leaving no part of the phone untouched (save for the touchscreen) an LG G5 skin defends against daily wear and tear that can leave behind cosmetic damages. Scratches, gouges, and scuffs will be a thing of the past, as will grime-build up and accidental spills. The unique texture of these skins provide additional grip for your hands to hold onto while keeping dirt and liquids away from its precious hardware.

If you’re like most cellphone users, your G5 will be going everywhere with you. Save it from the typical wear and tear wherever you go by wrapping it up in a skin. Check out the options 3M vinyl affords you, and you can get a whole collection of G5 decals that can keep up with the easy swappable design of LG’s flagship.

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