Finding the Right Blender for Your Business

In numerous industries, various blenders are critical for completing the work at hand. However, with so many specialized mixers on the market, choosing the correct model is a tricky task for anyone without advanced technical knowledge. Follow the pointers below to purchase the proper product for your particular operation.

Know Your Options

The biggest challenge when buying industrial blenders is that countless configurations exist for very specific needs. Consistency is the chief consideration, both concerning your unmixed substances and your desired final material. For instance, a standard paddle mixer can combine several liquids into one smooth solution, though particularly viscous mixtures may call for more complex equipment. Dry mixes require a ribbon mixer, which has metal ribbons that move in opposite directions. Improving on both paddle and ribbon blenders, a fluidizer features multiple blades all moving in separate directions. Sales reps can suggest blenders based on your business.

Be a Smart Shopper

More than knowing what you want, you need to know where to get it. You may opt to buy your blender either retail or wholesale. While browsing online stores is certainly convenient, there are definite advantages to dealing with manufacturers directly. After all,                       who better to answer questions about a product than the actual producer? Regardless of how you shop, never settle for less than you need. Compare costs and products between multiple companies to make sure you find your best blender.

Mind Your Money

You should budget for your blender as you would any other business expense. Knowing what you need up front, you won’t be distracted by bells and whistles. Though they may seem exciting, it’s bad business to spend money on excess extras you’ll never use. Also, bear in mind that an industrial mixer is a major investment, not a one-time purchase. Beyond the sticker price, don’t forget to factor in the initial installation fee, plus periodic maintenance payments moving forward.

Every job needs specific tools for success. Through careful planning, research and consultation with different companies, you can get what you need to optimize your industry’s operations.

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