How To Plan a Stress-Free Wedding

Your wedding day is likely going to be one of the most wonderful, special days of your entire life. You’re marrying your best friend, and you get to spend time with all of the people closest to you. However, no matter how magical the day is, it doesn’t come without its own stressors. Wedding planners in California cost an average of $10,000, and that might not be in the budget. That means you have to find other, cost-effective ways to have the wedding of your dreams and not drive yourself in the ground in the process.

Hire a Catering Service

Food is always one of the most essential parts of any gathering. Because of that, you need to choose a restaurant with the best catering service in Carson. Choose a place that has food you’ve eaten and that you know you like. Then, work with the restaurant regarding what you want the menu to look like. Most restaurants have a separate catering menu, but they may work with you if you want something specific from their standard menu that isn’t on their catering menu.

Have a Friend Officiate

When you rely on an ordained minister or pastor to officiate the wedding, you have to make sure they’re available the same day you want the wedding, and you usually have to pay them a lot of money. Instead of trying to find a pastor you are comfortable with, consider asking a friend to officiate your wedding. Having your friend officiate is not only more fun, but it’s also another special memory that you’ll have of your wedding day.

Hold It Outside

Weddings inside mean that you need a lot of decorations to make a space look good. Forgo the stress and cost of decorating a banquet hall and have your wedding outside. You could do it in a friend’s backyard or at a park and let the beauty of nature be your backdrop.

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