Your office is attacking your skin?

attacking your skin

Did you know that you have to also protect from artificial light? Is your office properly ventilated? Is there excessive cold or heat you spend? Your work has a direct impact on your skin.

The connection between the skin and the brain is very important, and this is because when we are forming in the womb, cells of the nervous system resulting there from our skin.

This explains our skin to suffer emotional or mental stress that we may suffer due to work or accelerated pace of modern life. How can we detect that we are exceeding our threshold of endurance to stress? Noting our skin.

If they start to appear eccemas by different parts of the body that had never before experienced or started to suffer more intense generalized itching at night, they may be signs and symptoms of too much stress mentally.

We must also be protected from light from fluorescent

Besides work, home, children and other circumstances that may affect our mood and thus our skin, there are other environmental factors also influence negatively on it and we can try to avoid. One is the dry atmosphere of the workplace.

Today, most jobs are located in large buildings with poor ventilation and subjected to air conditioning for hours, which reduces the humidity, and this helps our skin also become dehydrated and require more intensive care.

To help our skin must rehydrate good inside, drinking enough water throughout the day, and out, applying moisturizers at least once a day after showering, thus recover the water lost by the dry atmosphere.
Your office is attacking your skin?

Another environmental factors that affect us every day is light, not just sunlight to which we are exposed during the drive to work or home, if that sun entering through the window every morning or every afternoon during a few hours while we are working and also the fluorescent light to which we are exposed for hours. Many studies have shown that white light of fluorescent long term can affect our skin, and therefore insists on the daily photo protection although indoor work.

Another factor to consider and that can damage our skin without noticing are the sources of direct heat. It is very common during the winter time and because we spent many hours sitting, legs stay cool. It is well known that hot air rises while cold air stays close to the ground, and thus cooling our feet and our legs.

This leads us to place heaters focusing on those areas for temperature compensation. It is a very bad for our skin gesture. Due to the intensive and maintained for hours local heat, there may be permanent skin disorders and edema or swelling that is not easily resolved. To combat the cold is preferable to shelter the area well and avoid continued exposure to heat sources.

What should we do every day to keep our skin healthy: Drink plenty of water, take a shower daily and apply moisturizers then mobilize throughout the day, avoid the intense heat in specific areas and protect against light with a good sunscreen that we must be reapplied every 3 hours to continue working.

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