Fat and acne skin: thus makeup


It you want to camouflage those little bumps and perhaps some marquita, but you must do so by following these tips to your problem is not serious.


Clean skin is essential before beginning to apply makeup, but with what product. Note that the cleaners chosen not clog the pores of the skin: that are comedogenic. Natalia Belda, makeup Vichy recommends cleaning water or using micellar water before makeup for granites not sobreinfecten. You have more options for desmaquillarte correctly in your skin and you.

“Serums are our great allies, since they work as a treatment and as prebase for makeup in many cases,” says the expert. So get that makeup stay smoother and stay longer intact.


If you have acne, extreme cleanliness. Wash with soap and water brushes and sponges every time you wear makeup. If a sponge, renew it every two or three days.

A dab

We started putting on makeup with a product like Vichy Dermablend makeup 3D Correction and we do anyway: better toquecitos. Find out why in the video. Play! If you like this tutorial, do not forget to stop by your skin and you and find more videos of beauty.


Instead of brushing, it is advisable to use a sponge for areas with more imperfections: marquitas, redness or bumps … The result will be better and, moreover, can pull and use a new one in the next makeup, avoiding the risk of infection.


To achieve a makeup 24 hours and also avoid glare so common in oily skin is recommended to use a mattifying as the last step of your makeup.

If you want to know other tricks of makeup or care of your skin, do not forget to visit your skin and you, a benchmark essential beauty.

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