Sculpts your look: get the eye contouring

Sculpts your look get the eye contouring

The beauty contouring the term was fashionable in 2015: more than 15 million people searched how to get a medical exam in Google and more than 1.5 million watched tutorials inspired by the makeup of the Kardashian sisters …

However, there was an answer unanswered (so far): how eyes makeup, how to get more out of his eyes.

Comes the Sculpt, complete contouring: that not only teaches you to make up your face and neck. In fact, Asian and have for many years “playing” with the makeup to get bigger eyes.

And it is that a good ” Sculpt Eye ” visually enlarges and rejuvenate the look or correct the shape of the eyes without surgery. Droopy eyes, small, deep … to each L’Oreal has a solution.

The products:

False Lash Mask Sculpt.

The first sculptor tab of the firm, much more than a mask.

It is a brush with 3 effects in 1: * outlines the base of the eyelashes as if llevaras liner on top. * Creates volume in the center, getting grouped tabs and densified. * Rises at the ends, to achieve deployed tabs.

Superliner Sculpt:

It is the first liner brand-tipped round shape.

Allows you to create endless looks more easily: thin line, thick, points … why they call it “the modular”.

Sculpt Brow:

Because you do not have to wear every day the same eyebrows (discover the different effects you get with a thinner or thicker line).

For this, the liner applicator brush lets you get different finishes: first draw and then comb and fixed. It is available in three shades

The effect:

With Sculpt Brow:

1. Draw your eyebrow easily and as, thanks to the conical liner applicator.

2. Comb and fix your eyebrows with the brush to leave them dominated according to your taste.

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