Viral Exanthem … What?

Viral Exanthem

The past couple of days Reagan has had these strange looking bumps on the back of her legs and on her arms. At first we chalked it up to hives because she would get them occasionally when she was an infant, but they always went away and didn’t seem to bother her. Then again, nothing ever does.

They looked a bit different then the hives we have seen on her before, but again…they weren’t bothering her. No itching, scratching, fever or complaining on her part.

I figured she must have some kind of grass allergy because they came on after we had been at a grass doubles volleyball tournament this past weekend. Monday they started looking worse and by Tuesday the back of her legs were red and splotchy and it concerned me enough to make a doctor appointment.

She went to daycare Wednesday and we informed them that she had these curious bumps but didn’t seem to be affecting her. To them it looked like chicken pox but it wasn’t developing in any of her “hot” areas (armpits, diaper area, etc.) so they allowed her to go to school. Our doctor appointment was for later that day anyway.

We took her to our pediatrician and she said it was called Viral Exanthem. What the hell?

Basically it is a rash that comes on due to some viral or bacterial cause which needs to run its course. No medication, just sleep and fluids. She would probably be cranky and not really feel well. Great…just what I want, a cranky toddler! Grumpy toddler alert!

Since it is technically contagious because it is viral she needs to be kept home from school and wait until it starts to abate. I’ll spare you the pictures because to me it looks like little pimples on her legs and arms and seriously, who wants to see that?

Oh yes, and Mom and Dad…you could get it to.

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